Client Celebration: Taking Control of Her Life and Health, Losing the Hot Flashes

I just received this testimonial from Marla, a client I started working with this last summer.

Marla and I share a desire to help women feel better about themselves. I help through coaching; Marla teaches women how to accessorize with jewelry, helping them to feel more beautiful and empowered in the process.

As a Fibromyalgia Coach, I often am working with women who are frustrated with their bodies and who need more than “a little pick me up.” Many times you gals have forgotten just how beautiful you really are! This is exactly why I love what Marla does and why I asked Marla to write a guest post a few months ago about how Feeling Beautiful is Empowering.

Gals, it may sound silly, but I’ve learned from my own experience that a little bit of “glam” on a day you’re not feeling your best really CAN make a difference! Besides, Marla just makes you feel good with the encouragement she brings along with her. If you want to have a fun and educational event, invite Marla to do a jewelry party for you and your best girlfriends!

Here’s what Marla had to say about working with me over the last two months:

Marla McNichols

I would like to take a moment to say how much I appreciate and respect Tami Stackelhouse, Certified Health Coach. As Tami struggles daily with her fibromyalgia, she is on a mission to help as many other people as possible that struggle with a disorder that limits their quality of life. Tami is concerned first about you as a person, how are you feeling, how can I help you, etc. After she has made sure everything is as good as it can be with you, she will then tell you about her business. When I first met Tami, all she wanted to know was how she could help me. She is a true example of givers gain.

When I first started working with Tami, I needed to lose about 20 or 25 pounds. I don’t suffer from fibromyalgia, but I really liked Tami, so I asked her if she could help me. About two weeks after being on the program, I realized that the hot flashes that I had been experiencing for the last two years were almost non-existent. I was amazed to say the least. I know that the program may seem to be about weight loss, but for me it is about so much more. It is about helping me take control of my life and my health and without Tami, I would not have been able to do that.

Thank you, Tami, for all that you do. for your commitment to helping everyone you meet have a better and healthier lifestyle, for your integrity, but mostly for your guidance and friendship. I know that you really do care.

— Marla McNichols
Empowered by Jewelry

Do you want to have more control over YOUR life and health?

You can have the same results that Marla and others have seen; I can help. Schedule a time for us to chat using the link below. I guarantee it will be worth your time.

Wonder what we’ll talk about? Story Sharing Chat & Consultation info is here.

Tami Stackelhouse


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