Who is that Woman? What Fibromyalgia?

Yesterday my husband and I flew from Portland to Dallas for a health coach convention. This is the second one we’ve attended; last year we attended the conference in Phoenix as three-week old Health Coaches. Let me tell you my “before and after” story about last year versus this year….

Tami & Scott at Convention 2010Last year, prior to attending the 2009 Convention in Phoenix, Scott and I had a long talk about the fact that I may or may not be able to attend the whole event with my fibromyalgia. I can never predict my energy level, especially after flying. There’s something about flying that is always particularly hard on my body; sometimes it will take me several days to recover from it.

Scott suggested that maybe we should rent a wheelchair to use during the conference so that I could save my energy. Instead of using my energy to walk between events, I could use the wheelchair and spend my energy on actually attending the events. To save precious energy, I made sure to book my airline ticket with the special assistance (wheelchair) option.

As we got ready during the three weeks before Convention last year (2009), we perfectly followed the nutritional program our doctor recommended. We decided not to rent the wheelchair for Convention, but I did use the special assistance at the airport. At this point, I had lost about 15 pounds on the program.

On opening night in Phoenix, there was a special motivational event with The Drum Cafe. It was awesome; everyone got a djembe to play. After a while, they passed out maracas; I got one.

Tami dancing on stage in Phoenix 2009A little while later, they called all the folks with a maraca up on stage! As we stood there, the speaker talked about what it would be like to live our lives “full out” — and what it would be like to work our businesses “full out”….

Then he asked those of us on stage, the unsuspecting maraca players, to illustrate by DANCING FULL OUT. Yeah. But you know what? After just three weeks of following the program correctly, I could! I let my hair down, took off my shoes and really danced! Check out the picture — I’m the one in the white shirt and turquoise capris. That’s the girl that three weeks before thought she might need a wheelchair just to be able to attend the conference!

Now the “after” picture…

This year, the theme for the 2010 Convention was “Health Generation” and it was perfect! As we prepared for Convention at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas, there was no talk of wheelchairs and I walked at the airport. I went to the conference 50 pounds lighter than the year before – which meant that I’d lost more pounds than my suitcase weighed! I also was able to pack five fewer medications this year. With my weight loss and lifestyle changes, my fibromyalgia has improved dramatically and I no longer needed them.

Our huge hotel room at the Gaylord Texan

When we were in baggage claim at DFW and I spotted our bags on the carousel, I went over and pulled them off. The look on Scott’s face was priceless! He said, “Are you in a hurry or something? Why didn’t you let me get that?” He was so concerned! I was really confused. I couldn’t figure out what I’d done that was so strange… then it dawned on me: he’s never seen me like this. The new me. The old me. The ME me. =)

My other favorite moment during Convention 2010 was when they had all of us stand up who had been able to come off of medications as a result of our weight loss. As they counted up, they had people sit down. Lots of people had been able to come off of one or two medications after their weight loss. However, due to losing 65 pounds so far, I have been able to completely come off of five medications; I was one of the last three or four people standing!

All photos taken by Scott. 
Tami Stackelhouse



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  1. Tami,
    Those are such fun memories! I can’t wait to see you this year…..and what you will be like! Looking forward to seeing how your new website enhances your business! It is a GREAT and Beautiful website! Nicely done!!!
    Love Jan

  2. I know, Jan! It just keeps getting better and better! I’ll head to Convention this year off TWICE as many medications as last year. Is that crazy or what? I’ll get to take a whole bag less, I bet! 😉

  3. I often miss the “old me” and wonder what it would be like if she were to return. I’m so glad you’re able to have this experience! May you and your business continue to thrive.

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