Find Life Beyond Fibromyalgia

Join authors Elaine Merryfield and Tami Stackelhouse LIVE as we celebrate the release of our newest books.

On Thursday, March 8, 2018 I’m hosting an online party to celebrate two very cool things:

  1. My friend and fellow Fibromyalgia Educator, Elaine Merryfield, is publishing her first book, Life Beyond Fibromyalgia.
  2. My second book, The Fibromyalgia Coach, will finally be available in paperback in bookstores everywhere!

Come hear how two fibromyalgia patients found Life Beyond Fibromyalgia — and wrote three books between the two of us!

During this celebration you’ll learn:

  • How to tend to your mind and heart/spirit as well as your body
  • The difference between focusing your attention on healing instead of illness
  • A daily practice of pausing to calm and refocus
  • How to revisit what is most important to YOU
  • Ways to create an intention and vision for living better and living well
  • Why self-kindness should be your cornerstone
  • Lessons from life with fibromyalgia
  • How you can move forward and leave struggle behind
  • Why self-kindness should be your cornerstone

There will also be goodies and perks for attending!

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Life Beyond Fibromyalgia

Life Beyond Fibromyalgia, by Elaine MerryfieldDo you repeatedly struggle just to get through each day? What if you had a set of tools to help you move forward with greater resilience and attention to self-kindness?

This easy to use guide was designed to support facilitators and members of fibromyalgia support groups as well as individual readers. Contents include six simple self-care tools and strategies to grow your capacity to bounce back more easily and to reconnect with personal strengths and personal dreams. In Life Beyond Fibromyalgia, Elaine Merryfield gently guides you through a series of doable self-care action steps and self-reflective exercises to acknowledge the value and power of practicing self-kindness.

Available March 8!

The power of Life Beyond Fibromyalgia lies in the action steps and self-reflection exercises included in each chapter. All too often, we don’t put the information we’ve learned into practice. This section in each chapter helps to make sure we implement the life-changing information Elaine is giving us. The exercises are simple to do, take little time, yet still provide noticeable benefits.
I also love that Elaine has included a guide on how to use this book within the context of a fibromyalgia support group. I look forward to sharing these exercises with my group, as well as my graduates who are thinking of starting their own groups. This book will be a very helpful tool for any fibromyalgia patient or support group leader.
— Tami Stackelhouse, Founder, International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute

About Elaine Merryfield

Elaine MerryfieldElaine Merryfield has been living with fibromyalgia since 1989 and views the experience as her biggest life challenge as well as her most valuable life teacher. Since 2000, she has combined this life experience with a background in nursing and health education to teach and support others in living better with fibromyalgia.

Elaine’s experience includes 30 years in stress management, initially in nursing and then in health education. Her initial interest in stress management developed from education in biofeedback. The inner workings of the mindbody relationship continue to be a foundational piece in her work today.

Her classes are offered at the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia in Portland, Oregon.

The Fibromyalgia Coach

The Fibromyalgia Coach, by Tami StackelhouseLooking for a fibromyalgia-friendly career that will help you feel better instead of worse? Is your job keeping you from you getting better? Do you feel like you aren’t ready to file for disability, but can’t keep up at work either?

In The Fibromyalgia Coach, Tami Stackelhouse describes her lifelong search for the perfect career. A fibromyalgia patient herself, the author credits becoming a Fibromyalgia Coach with helping her stay focused on healing when it would have been easy to quit. She says, “Healing is a full-time job.”

When fibromyalgia forces your life to change, use the exercises in this book as a guide to finding your best job ever — a career that will help you feel better while making a difference in the world around you.

What if you didn’t have to choose between your health and a career?

Paperback available March 8!

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About Tami Stackelhouse

Tami Stackelhouse

As Founder of the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute, Tami Stackelhouse dreams of a day when all fibromyalgia patients have access to the care and support they need to thrive; she is doing all she can to make that dream come true.

A fibromyalgia patient herself, Tami has gone from disabled to thriving. Her compassion, gentle support, and fun coaching style have helped those with fibromyalgia all over the world take back control of their lives.

She is the award-winning author of The Fibromyalgia Coach: Feel Better, Change Lives, and Find Your Best Job Ever and Take Back Your Life: Find Hope and Freedom from Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Pain.







Tami Stackelhouse



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