Fibromyalgia Coaching Opportunities Closing Soon

Just a quick note to say that I can only accept four one more fibromyalgia coaching client. Once that spot is filled, my calendar will be booked solid. I will no longer be able to accept new clients.

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the last few months and realized that there more of you than I can help one-on-one. So many of you have reached out looking for good doctors, pain relief strategies, help finding a correct diagnosis, and so much more. There is simply no way for me to help everyone who needs and wants it.

In order to find a way to help more people, I will be taking a temporary step back, to plan and create new support options. (I’m also going to check into what it would take to clone myself since obviously there needs to be lots more of me! Ha!)

This means that by the end of July, whether I fill that opening or not, I will no longer accept new one-on-one fibromyalgia coaching clients.

If you’ve ever thought of working one-on-one with me, this is the time to schedule a consultation to see if it would be a good fit for both of us. No pressure or anything. I just didn’t feel right about discontinuing this without giving you a “last call” warning bell. =)

Tami knows what she’s talking about and models her strategies in her daily life. Her wisdom and practical advice make self-care and self-advocacy achievable and sustainable and WILL improve your quality of life! Her guidance as my coach has been invaluable to me and I highly recommend both her coaching talents and the helpful strategies in her book. — Valerie M.

Tami Stackelhouse


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