Doin’ it Anyway

Back in January 2009, my doctor first introduced me to the nutritional program I now recommend to my clients. (You can read my whole story here.) At the same time, my whole family joined Livestrong as a group. We had a forum just for us, blogged and shared our food diaries. The support was great — especially for the rest of my family who were doing other programs and didn’t have the benefit of a free Health Coach! =)

Today I was looking over some of my old posts and ran across this one that I wanted to share. It was a big revelation to me back then that, “if I wait to BE healthy before I start, how will I ever GET healthy??” I think this is especially true for us fibro babes. We tend to feel pretty crappy most of the time, so if we wait until we feel good, we’re doomed!

In my case, it’s a good thing I decided to get going no matter what. By finally “doin’ it anyway,” I discovered that I was gluten intolerant!

On the program, I used several products that were gluten-free. I also ate lean protein and veggies, but no bread, pasta or other wheat products. When I started feeling dramatically better, my doctor realized there was probably a gluten connection. We did some testing and discovered the intolerance! We also discovered that I have Hashimoto’s, a thyroid condition that is made worse by eating gluten! If I hadn’t started eating better while I felt crappy, I’d still be feeling crappy.


Doin’ it anyway

Posted 6/15/2009 8:12 PM PDT on Community

I’d decided last week, as I was still feeling the after effects of food poisoning, that I was going to get back on plan “starting Monday”. That would be today. This would have been before I started feeling the cold/sinus sick tickle on Saturday.

I’m going to do it anyway. I’m tired of this. Good Lord.

If I wait to be healthy before I start, how can I GET healthy?? That’s like waiting to be in shape before you exercise, I suppose.

I could list all the things that have kept me “under the weather”: wisdom teeth out, dry socket, the Attack of the Killer Migraines, two colds, food poisoning, another cold/sinus infection thingy….

I had my wisdom teeth out on February 2nd — one week and two days after I started the program. Ever since, it’s been a battle of staying healthy long enough to do something.

Well fine. I’m not waiting. I’m doin’ it anyway. So there.

Tami Stackelhouse


Gluten, Thyroid

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  1. Yes!
    I started anyway and although it’s been exhausting (hello 10am nap) it has been good to do things I thought I couldn’t do. Ok, some days I still can’t but there are more days I can.

    1. Good for you, Sandy! After several years, I can say it’s totally worth it. Most days now, I *can*. You will be able to too. <3

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