Client Celebration: Built Confidence, Made Setting and Achieving Goals Easier

My Gentle Goal Setting for Fibromyalgia workshop is specifically designed to give you a more gentle way to accomplish things. A way to do things besides just “push, push, push” then “crash!”

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten several testimonials about this class and thought I’d share them with you.

A Toolkit For Hope

Missy & Lisa attended the Gentle Goal Setting workshop I did for the fibromyalgia group I co-lead; Julie attended the same workshop that I did in person with my Health & Wellness team called A Healthy New You.

Here’s what Missy, Lisa, and Julie said about these workshops:

“This class was above and beyond what I expected. I just thought it would turn out to be like every other ‘goal setting’ session I have ever done – one that I can stick to and follow for a week, maybe a little longer, but in the end feel defeated.

“This planning was completely different – one that I can see myself sticking to since each goal is broken down into smart, obtainable steps meant for building confidence in accomplishing my bigger goals. Thank you, Tami!” — Missy Baxter, Creating Healthy Families, LLC

“I have to say that this class made setting some goals and achieving them a lot easier – knowing the steps to take to reach the goals I want to do in life. Thank you so much for the webinar, the help, and the tools for setting goals.” — Lisa Patterson

“I do a lot of goal setting in my business – and this class wasn’t like any of the goal setting I’ve done before. This was a terrific workshop that really helped me focus on some goals that are very important to me.” — Julie Fugate, Premiere Property Group

Do you want to learn a new way to set goals that actually WORKS?

Register to attend a workshop! It comes with a free 1-hour one-on-one coaching session with me to help you finalize your goals.

Wonder what the workshop includes? Details on Gentle Goal Setting for Fibromyalgia here.

Tami Stackelhouse


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  1. Hi Tami, I’m interested in your goal setting webinar.
    Also interested in hiring you as a health coach if you have any openings.
    Thanks, Joyce Benfield

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