Client Celebration: Blood Sugar Levels Finally Normal

"Promise of Hope" by Wayne BriccoEach month I feature a Celebration of Hope — a client celebration. This month’s “Hope” (not her real name) is a client I’ve worked with since March. Along with her fibromyalgia, she has Type 2 diabetes that she takes medication for.

The first time I met with Hope, she told me that diabetes runs in her family. In fact, her mom passed away at a relatively young age due to complications from diabetes. One of Hope’s greatest fears was that she would end up like her mom.

When we started working together, it was very common for Hope to have a morning blood sugar level of 300. (Normal is 80-100.)

After just one month working with me as her coach, and using the nutritional program I recommend, her morning levels were down to 115 and her doctor was able to reduce her medication.

Today, after three months, Hope’s blood sugar levels are finally normal and she’s lost almost 20 pounds!*

Here’s what Hope had to say:

I just saw my endocrinologist yesterday and she was ecstatic! She said for me to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working! It’s the first thing I’ve done that’s actually worked!

Do you have something to celebrate?

If you are a client with something to celebrate, please let me know! I’d love to feature you in a future newsletter, either by name or anonymously. As my good friend Mary says, “Until you get your own hope, find some people who you can borrow theirs from.” Sharing your celebration just might give someone else the hope they need!


Promise of Hope” by Wayne Bricco © Acrewood Art 2011, all rights reserved. Used by permission.
Tami Stackelhouse



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